Bacon Turkey Bravo at Panera Bread and Cherry Danish (My rating: 6/10)

I haven't cooking anything grand in a while but I did try the Bravo sandwich at Panera Bread. The name is trademarked........Really. Is that even necessary? It wasn't amazing but it was a damn good sandwich for what is was. I ordered asiago cheese focaccia bread and it was delicious. 

I had never tasted focaccia bread before so I had to know how it tasted. They also served me this salty bread (as shown in the first picture) that came as an option choice along with the sandwich and it was horrid. Salt on bread? That is a big no-no for me. As strong tasting as the sandwich was, especially with it's huge hunky cheese slice, I would try to order something different next time around just to change things up.

I also got an offer from Panera for a free danish. This review ( built my hopes for their cherry danish and I ordered it the next morning for breakfast. It did not live up to its high expectations. 

To me it was a typical pastry: sweet and yummy but not excessively professional. I ordered a pecan pastry from there a later day and I didn't take pictures of the beauty. That was definitely more filling but the cherry danish was more delicious. I suggest you try it if you want a cheery morning. ;)Until next time!

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