Hidden Grounds

Sorry I haven't written anything in a while! I didn't make time to update my blog but I'll be sure to make more time in the future. I just tried the Moroccan Mint Tea from Hidden Grounds and it tasted very refreshing! It could be used as a good pick-me-up drink. However, for $3 I can’t say the deal was a steal. 

Yet the atmosphere of the place is very warm because of the colors, potted plants, and lighting. The place has just the right amount of mess for an urban cafe, and this helps separate itself from the traditional tidy Starbucks while also attracting local hipsters.

A short while later, Spoorthi K. from Hidden Grounds contacted me and mentioned that free hot water refills are available since the tea bag can last 3 cups.  I had not realized this and now I think the tea is fairly priced.

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