Egg pastry from Fada in the Hong Kong Supermarket

A few nights ago, an old memory of a certain pastry I had within an Asian bakery came to my mind and since then, I had been craving for something like it. Realizing it had an egg like flavor, I decided to try a Google search and came across a dessert that went by the name of "Moon Cake". This morning I visited the Hong Kong supermarket and a baker said moon cakes are only in season during September. Yet I found a pastry that was generically named "Egg Cream Puff Pastry" and I decided to give it a shot. As soon as I bit into it, I knew this was the pastry I had tried so many years ago but in a different store. It was so delicious and better than a donut because it held a more yolk-like and creamy flavor and the bread was softer. There was a perfect pastry. It was better than many of those sold at Panera Bread and yet it was only $1.15. I'm sure I will visit the Fada pastry shop at Hong  Kong supermarlet more often and this egg pastry will not be my last one.

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