Jose Tejas (Tex Mex)

My friend and I spotted Jose Tejas and because it was decorated with so many lights, it sparked our curiosity and lured us to take a look inside.  

 Once we realized it was a kid friendly restaurant, and not just a bar, we decided to sit down and take a look at the menu. The ambiance was very warm and a fiesta theme was apparent- it was the perfect place to enjoy New Year's Eve. We both ordered virgin pina coladas and shrimp quesadillas. 

They served really good (tostada-like) chips with salsa as an appetizer. 

The food tasted great and the cheese within the quesadilla was mouth watering. The pina colada fulfilled my expectations-considering I have a homemade recipe that I posted on this blog. Check out: How to Make the Perfect Pina Colada !!

I must say that if the ambiance wasn't as festive, I might have thought the food to be above average. Yet the experience was exhilarating and vibrant overall.  The best part is that it is decorated with these festive lights all year round!

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