Berry 'Nana Oatmeal Parfait

Recipe :

         As much as I would be thrilled to say that I made the world's best parfait in my kitchen this morning and lead you to believe that your dish will come out flippin' fantastic if you follow my recipe, I gotta stick with the fact that honesty is the best policy and I definitely need to perfect my parfait.

BUT DON'T GO YET! I can definitely give you a few tips because the world needs to have less disappointing parfaits and this dilemma can only be stopped if we listen to each other.

TIP 1: Don't listen to those health conscious recipes and use plain yogurt for a parfait--you will be sacrificing taste. If you do, your parfait will come out mediocre--even with the best berries on hand. Either mix in some sugar into your yogurt-O beforehand or purchase vanilla yogurt. If your plan of action does not follow my words of wisdom as written above, may I suggest buying the following book: .
Or try using cream cheese in your parfait as recommended by this website:

TIP 2: If you like hot oatmeal, stick with hot oatmeal in your parfait. Although I made it well, I strongly dislike cold oatmeal.  It tasted amazing when I took it off the stove. Leaving it in the fridge for an hour and a half was a mistake.

TIP 3: If you like cold oatmeal, make it the night before and leave it in the fridge-saving you plenty of time in the morning.

TIP 4: One can definitely replace both oatmeal and yogurt with sweet rice pudding in a parfait.

TIP 5: Feel free to throw in some maple syrup on top.

TIP 6: Use molasses in your oatmeal. Trust me.

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