Croque Madam Muffin

Well hellooo there! ;) If you're willing to clog your arteries, try cooking the Croque Madam Muffin. (Let's just say there's a lot of butter and cheese involved.) And if you're expecting bad news or feeling too thin, I suggest cooking bacon to go along with this.

In my version, I used a wheat bread instead of white, regular mustard, much more milk for my Mornay sauce to prevent burning, and Cabot Seriously Sharp Chedder Cheese instead of the one recommended.

Unfortunately, it did take me an hour to make this. Be smart and shave off some time by making the sauce the night before so your empty stomach doesn't hate you in the morning, early afternoon, or whatever one refers to late brunch time as.
I definitely recommend leaving this in the oven for only 15 mins so that the eggs are runny.

I regret leaving it in for the full 20 mins. However, this was still scrumptious.

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