Thomas Sweet's Dexter Freebish (Rating = 6/10)

Thomas Sweet was alrightttttt. This one guy there sold me on their dexter freebish flavored ice cream-which is made of vanilla ice cream, cashew, caramel, and chocolate chips and it's possibly named after the owner's favorite band. Yes, it is salty--which makes it interesting. Apparently, this flavor is only available at branches of Thomas Sweet. 

Yet, $3.50ish for this treat? For that size? Never again! Totally overpriced. I've learned my lesson and I am totally going to get a shake the next time I go to a pricey, unheard of ice cream shop. Common sense hints you'll get more for your money this way.

They do specialize in mixing in toppings into your ice cream. Por ejemplo, you can mix in strawberrys into cake batter- so this aspect is pretty cool. Yet there is also something at home called a mixer and I believe that although the final product may not look like the same thing the taste will be somewhat similar. YES, OKAY, THEY DO HAVE GOOD FLAVORS THERE. HENCE, the 6/10 rating.

What's with the increase in price for ice cream anyway? It's not like there's a limited supply like there is with diesel fuel.  

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