N Thai Palace

         N Thai Palace is a great discover in East Brunswick, NJ. The Penang Curry with shrimp (ordered mild in spice) tasted delicious and was soothing for the throat. The dish was a great deal in part because it came with free Tom Yum Vegetable Soup, and it was also part of the lunch special. It had the perfect consistency, creamy-like, and made my nose run-just what I needed on a cold winter day!

       My friend ordered a dish which featured Basil Noodles and dried tomatoes and she loved it as well. It's 50% off for students on Thursdays but only for dinner which my friend and I were unaware of and had just missed the deal by having lunch there on Thursday. The Tom Yum Vegetarian soup was also delicious, savory, and had a sour taste that went well with the spicy flavor. I love Thai soups!! Be sure to check out this recipe Thai Red Curry Soup (My recipe rating: 10/10) for a fantastic Thai soup when you have a chance. Panera Bread needs to learn some tips from N Thai Palace in regards to adding more decently sized pieces of vegetables within the soup.

Additionally, I had read a few reviews on yelp regarding the fried coconut ice-cream and it lived up to its name. It tasted and looked scrumptious!! I definitely recommend sharing this dessert with someone because the serving sizes for the meals are generous and filling. The leaf shaped chocolate on top is dark chocolate and inside is a large scoop of vanilla ice-cream. It is coated in a crunchy, coconut flavored exterior with ooey-gooey caramel. 

       Speaking of that leaf shaped chocolate has reminded me that one should definitely check out the buffet at N Thai Palace! They have fewer dishes than most buffets but the quality of their dishes is absolutely fantastic. I remember I tried their chicken kabobs and I was in love immediately. Also, they have such a great variety of desserts to choose from and included custards, chocolate, and many more options that I no longer remember. If you're an East Brunswick resident, this is a must-visit restaurant!

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