Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies Review (from Panera Bread) My review (9/10)

If you have a food blog, you might have seen a few pictures going around of Red Velvet Crinkle cookies. I decided to try one at Panera Bread because I had an offer for a free birthday pastry from there. The picture below is from and the blogger includes a recipe on how to make them- which I hope to try one day soon.
The photo below is one that I took that I bought from Panera Bread and I have to say, that was definitely one of the best cookies I have ever had. It might have been luck that when I asked the Panera Bread employee to heat it up for me, she knew exactly how many seconds would be just right for the cookie. The best part was that it had a few small nuts and perhaps white chocolate in it (not quite sure) and the texture was perfect. If you order a cookie, please ask them to heat it up-it tastes so much better!


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