French Cheese Souffle = Omnomnomnomnom

Here's a helpful video that I made to help you make the perfect cheese souffle!!

The best way to wolf down cheese in a manner that can be accepted by society is through the classic souffle. It was definitely weird that Alton Brown happened to come on T.V. and make this while I was cooking.

Here's Julia Child's video of creating the French Cheese Souffle:

The website says the recipe would serve 4-6 people, but it really is only enough for 2.

I definitely have yet to conquer how to perfectly whip the eggs so that the top of the souffle would stay up for a longer period of time. By the time I took a picture of the souffles, they had already sunk a little. This tastes wonderful and is a great treat to have when everyone is home! It would go well with a ham sandwich. Try making it!

And keep cooking!

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