Chocolate Crepes (My recipe rating: 9/10)

My friend, Sailaja, and I made crepes using JIF chocolate hazelnut spread instead of nutella and they came out fantastic!! They were quick and simple to make and we followed the recipe from youtube:

Despite how sweet it was, we took the liberty of adding chocolate chips to the dish :)

The recipe should definitely include sour cream, cottage cheese, or something to balance out the sugar and that's why I'm subtracting a point.  

We had extra batter so we made a giant crepe and named him Bob.

Bob came out slightly undercooked and he came out thicker than expected but was still tasty.

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  1. Yay! I feel famous :). I absolutely LOVE the new design-so professional! Do you want to design the HPU site next? ;)
    Anyway super glad we did this, we need to make more nutella based stuff soon :D

    1. :) Thanks for commenting!! AW I used a blog template for this blog so I think designing the HPU site will be a lot more challenging haha Yes! We should make those truffles soon!


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