Fantastic Blueberry Banana Cobbler (My Recipe Rating : 9/10)

Hello, hello!

Today I made a delicious cobbler that went well with ice cream.I used the following recipe which is directly from this link: The pictures belong to yours truly.


The recipe was easy to follow. I just wish I had a smaller baking pan in my house. That way, all the blueberries could be properly coated by the batter. Yet, I loved that it wasn't excessively sweet at all. Next time, I'll try using brown sugar with this as well.   It seems baking is my forte-or at least this dish will made me believe so.

I will definitely make this again rather than blueberry soup. I had everything right at home,
 as will you, I'm sure. (Except, perhaps, for the blueberries hahaha)

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