Amazingly Delicious Green Pea Soup (My recipe rating: 9/10)

 The soup will make you fall off your chair in amazement. HAHA Not really but I am definitely going to make this again and I'll be sure to squeeze an entire lime over 4 serving's worth of the soup right before serving instead of half of a lime, which I did today. I love how healthy & filling this soup is while remaining savory. I used a combination of two recipes. One was from the following link:
 I used just about every ingredient except for the ham, which I didn't have. I forgot to add the thyme and the red pepper flakes...I guess you're bound to miss things when you're reading two recipes while cooking. The second recipe I also used was from this link:

       My family grows mint leaves in our backyard and I like picking out the fresh leaves and using them.

The satisfying smell of caramelizing onions...need I say more?  

Since this was my first time cooking pea soup, I was surprised that I had to use a blender to get that creamy texture. A lot of you probably saw that coming haha.

I need a new mixer, but my family disagrees. Feel free to donate one to me :)

The color looks great too and as with all warm soups, it's perfect to have on a rainy day.

                      Bon Apetit!!

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  1. Oh snap! That looks delish. Thanks for your lovely comment Taran haha...and I am really enjoying your blog :)


  2. Thanks and I'm glad you like it!! I used the wrong "your" when I commented on your blog and now it's bothering me xDDD o well lol


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