Tumulty's Pub (My rating: 7/10)

Tumulty's Pub may serve great food in New Brunswick, NJ, yet I am excited to say that I can make better French Onion Soup than they can. :) Considering that they sell it for $4 as an appetizer, they should definitely cut down on the salt. 

Tumulty's Pub has the most laughable salad, which literally includes a quarter cut of a cabbage, with the dressing of your choice drizzled over it. They took more than 40 minutes to serve us, even though the pub had few other customers.  

 Their Angus Burger, which came along with their Angus sauce (which seemed to be a combination of honey mustard, mayo, and vinegar-all guesses!), was stellar and $8, $2 far from the actual price, for it would have been a steal. It was savory, had just the right amount of grease, and the bacon tied the dish together well. The baked potato needed more salt but was fine otherwise. Next time, I'll be sure to pick french fries as a side dish in place of the potato.  I like how my sweater matches the red onions in the picture below haha.

My friend tried their pub sandwich, which also seemed delicious. I have been there once before and I would definitely go there again. The setting is very cozy and warm!

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