Who knew creating Chocolate Souffles could be so fun?!

I am so happy to report that my chocolate souffles came out wonderful!!! I was a bit worried after adding my egg yolks into the chocolate mixture, that the egg yolks would get precooked because the chocolate was quite warm. However, my whipped egg whites finally came out perfect in that they had the "foot" or "stiff peak" that a chef looks for once I removed it from the mixer. And because my whipped egg white mixture came out so fantastic, the souffles were able to rise perfectly!!

Watch my video for extra help and tips:

The recipe I used was from this link: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/food-network-kitchens/chocolate-souffles-recipe/index.html. However, it calls for 8 egg whites, which is absolutely ridiculous!! I used 5 egg whites and it came out just fine. Online, I found that 7 ounces comes close to 3/4 cup + 2 tablespoons. Yet, I used a 10 ounce packet for my baking chocolate chips and after measuring the amount of chocolate chips I have left after making the souffles, I realize I have "another 7 ounces worth of chocolate chips" in my 10 ounce packet. Clearly, the online measurements were laughably wrong! I didn't exactly feel like I was wolfing down chocolate whereas when I made cheese souffle, I did. Instead, I felt like I was eating a light cross mixture between fudge and brownies. As much as I would feel guilty about adding in more chocolate the next time I make these, I know I would love the end product a whole lot more.
I was so excited after I pulled them out of the oven, because I was a bit worried about the precooked eggs. Nothing says "professional chef" like mismatched oven mitts hahaha.

Ooh! I almost forgot to add that I made praline today as well to serve as a topping for my chocolate souffles. I meant to melt them, but I used to many almonds, making them "unmeltable".

I was trying to follow this online youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOIrG375k1I. The chef, who goes by Dulcedelight1, uses a melted praline topping over the souffle. Above is my failed attempt at trying to melt them in a size proportional to the ramekins, which are the cermamic pieces used to hold souffles, just so that they would stick to the top of the souffles. Even so, powdered praline is a great addition to chocolate souffles and please be sure to make it. I followed this recipe to make praline : http://allrecipes.com/recipe/pralines/ This link is great because you can adjust the proportion of ingredients accordingly to serving sizes.  
It took all of my might not to use this melted chocolate and butter as a fondue for the almonds I had lying on the counter next to me.

Before the oven:
After the oven:

(After I realized the praline I had was not meltable (LOL)):

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  1. looks really good! we must make nutella souffle next together one day! :)

  2. Thanks so much for commenting, Sailaja!! HEHE def!! That sounds lovely!

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  4. Those chocolate souffles look scrumptious! Thanks for stopping by my blog - you're making me want to venture over to the east coast for noms!


    1. Thanks Chelsea! haha I had a great time making them. I like your blog too and it encourages me to visit the restaurants of San Francisco :)


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